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Sunday, September 11, 2005

M&M visit

Mike and Marcy, some of our best friends from Austin, arrived with much fanfare on Saturday afternoon, September 10th, from Sonoma. The kids were literally pacing the house waiting for them to arrive.

We watched UT beat Ohio State, 25-22. What a game!

After the game we headed to downtown San Jose to go to the Hedley Club at the Hotel De Anza. We caught the Mike & Dave jazz show and had some drinks.

Sunday morning brought us together for a huge waffle breakfast. We then headed over the hill to Santa Cruz to hit the beach near the Crow's Nest. We went boogie-boarding, flew kites, and made a big sand castle. We headed home to a big dinner party.

Monday afternoon Mimi and the kids dropped Marcy off at the airport... everyone was sad to see Marcy & Mike go, but we promised to get all together again soon.


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