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Monday, August 08, 2005

Fishing in North Carolina

Just had the pleasure of going to North Carolina on business and rewarded myself with a pre-birthday celebration of offshore fishing with some friends/customers. My hosts were Jeff & Connie Borton. Jeff and I work together at Hitachi.

We left RTP on Friday morning and headed to Morehead City, NC. Trip down was uneventful and we managed to work that afternoon from his living room over looking the Pelletier Creek inlet. Jeff and Connie's house is beautifully situated on the creek with a two-boat dock and has a view to die for...

Friday night we had dinner at Ioanni's Grill on Hwy 70. Great food and good company. Early to bed as we were going out at 4:30AM.

Saturday - left promptly at 4:30AM. Headed about 50 miles offshore to fish on a spot called the Pan Ams. We were fishing for grouper. Ended up with about 30 fish (5 kinds of grouper, beeline snapper, tilefish, and trigger fish). We also caught two 3' sharks and a tiny MahiMahi. I did see my first sailfish with a jump and all. It was a juvenile about 3' long and tried to hit our drift line while we were floating on the gulf current. The gulf stream was at 84 degrees and the water was simply awesome. Saw a dolphin splash and had a blast fishing with Jeff, Kevin Fraser, Chris Durham and Scott Womble. We were out for 14 hours - we pulled in to the dock right around 6:30PM. Cleaned the boat, showered up and started on Marlin-Tini's and a great dinner of grilled grouper.

Got to see both sunrise and sunset in one day for the first time in a long, long time... pictures don't do it justice.

Took home about 5lbs of fresh fish on Sunday. Kevin's packing tips worked out great and fish were all gone by Tuesday night. I liked the tilefish the best out of all of them...

Picture album:

Hope you're jealous! Steve...


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